3rd STATUS Workshop in Alba Iulia

The 3rd STATUS Workshops has been held in Alba Iulia, between 11-12.02.2014, with a preparatory meeting with the City Manager Mr. Nicusor Moldovan on the 10th. The meeting benefited from the input of spatial planning experts Derek Martin and Cristina Tartari, as well as workshop facilitator Arch. Simona Pascariu and the Urbasofia and Eurodite teams.

The design workshop witnessed Alba Iulia's most active stakeholders meet again within the confines of AIDA's conference hall in order to finalize the city's development strategy for the 2014-2020 period. The identified pillars of the strategy include the platform of public spaces, tourism and culture, agricultural development, ecologically productive equipped areas and technology park, environment and leisure as well as more long-term concepts such as redefining the neighborhoods and creating a green belt.

Read the news (Romanian): http://alba24.ro/strategia-de-dezvoltare-a-municipiului-alba-iulia-dezbatuta-in-cadrul-proiectului-status-discutii-cu-experti-urbanisti-din-tara-si-strainatate-274712.html

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