1st STATUS Workshop in Drama

The 1st STATUS workshop organized by the Drama Chamber of Commerce and Industry took place on the 29th - 31st of October 2013.

3rd STATUS Partners Meeting Preview

The 3rd STATUS Partners meeting & Mid-Term Conference will take place on the 9th -11th of December 2013 in Schwechat, a city besides Vienna at the Multiversum Schwechat, a multifunctional multipurpose event center located in Möhringgasse 2-4, 2320 Schwechat, Austria.

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2nd STATUS Partners Meeting

The 2nd STATUS Partners meeting took place in Herceg Novi, Montenegro on the 19th-20th of September 2013.


The 2-day meeting offered numerous opportunities to the 11 partners and experts present to exchange experiences and ideas on the strategic planning issues.

19th of September
After a brief welcome speech by the mayor of Herceg Novi, Mr Dejan Mandic, the day started with presentations from territorial and technical partners. The presentations touched on topics such as: Methodology and Scope of outputs 3.1 (Joint approach on collecting data and information on stakeholders) and 3.2 (Operational analysis on territorial partners), Methodology and Scope of Output 3.3 (Technical report on geo - data), Partner – by – partner presentation of the outcomes of 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 and territorial partner roadmaps. After the presentations, the content management experts made their comments on the quality of the deliverables. The day closed with informal one – by – one discussions between the STATUS Management Team and the Territorial Partners.

20th of September
The second day was focused on project management issues. First of all, financial and project management issues, such as budget, over/under spending problems and reporting were discussed. The financial manager provided to the territorial partners some guidelines on how to avoid under spending. Later on, the STATUS Communication Plan was presented. The presentation addressed issues such as: activities, planning, responsibilities of partners and outreach monitoring. During the second half of the 2nd day, there was a discussion on the content feedback. The pathway leading to the Agendas and the initial objectives of the kick – off meeting were presented, and suggestions towards keeping with initial objectives were made.


Last but not least, an assessment of the Territorial Partners’ roadmaps and a set of suggestions towards achieving their future goals were presented by the RUR ASP representative (Dr. Gabriel Pascariu).

The next project meeting was set to be held in Schwechat, Austria on the 9th & 10th of December 2013.

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