STATUS Conference in Balti

On May 14, 2014 in Balti municipality was held the launch conference of project STATUS which was attended about 50 people (list of signatures of persons who attended is attached). The conference was carried out in the same day with the meeting of the Council of the Euroregion "Upper Prut" which made possible the participation of representatives from Romania, Ukraine and Moldova, leaders of the administrative units of the three countries that make up the Upper Prut Euroregion.

In the first part of the day, May 14 at the Council Meeting of the Euroregion "Upper Prut", in his address, Mr Consul General Mihai Baciu, stressed the importance of these projects, like STATUS, for the balanced economic development of the target areas, and for strengthening of political and cultural relations between involvement countries; not the least, emphasized the important role of such Euroregion and Projects in obtaining EU funds.

Launch Conference was held in the second part of the day - May 14, and vicemayor of Balti municipality, Ms. Marina Covali gave the opening remarks, followed by welcoming remarks of the Project Content Manager Urbasofia, Mr Piedro Elisei. After that, Local Project Manager, Mr. Sergiu Culibaba gave an overview about STATUS Project and has done a presentation regarding project purpose, objectives and outcomes until now, where intervened Mr. P. Elisei with practice examples obtained by the project partners.

Afterwards, Mr. Zinovii Broide (Director of Technical-Scientific Center "ECORESURS" from Chernivtsi, Ukraine – representative from the Ukraine partner of STATUS project) came up with a speech regarding the promotion and application of the principles and practices of project STATUS in the border area of the Republic of Moldova, Romania, Ukraine.

The day was concluded by the Ms. Marina Covali with a consideration on public participation, and the importance of their involvement in developing the project.

Reference in the local press can be found at the following links:

3rd STATUS Workshop in Alba Iulia

The 3rd STATUS Workshops has been held in Alba Iulia, between 11-12.02.2014, with a preparatory meeting with the City Manager Mr. Nicusor Moldovan on the 10th. The meeting benefited from the input of spatial planning experts Derek Martin and Cristina Tartari, as well as workshop facilitator Arch. Simona Pascariu and the Urbasofia and Eurodite teams.

The design workshop witnessed Alba Iulia's most active stakeholders meet again within the confines of AIDA's conference hall in order to finalize the city's development strategy for the 2014-2020 period. The identified pillars of the strategy include the platform of public spaces, tourism and culture, agricultural development, ecologically productive equipped areas and technology park, environment and leisure as well as more long-term concepts such as redefining the neighborhoods and creating a green belt.

Read the news (Romanian):

1st STATUS Workshop in Temerin

The first STATUS workshop was held in the offices of the Agency for the development of Temerin Municipality, between 21 - 23 November 2013.

The aim of the first day of the workshop was to familiarise the stakeholders with the overall aims of the STATUS project, to introduce to the summoned representatives of stakeholders the work that has been done during the previous months in the project, to present them the workshop methodology and the workshop agenda and to open a discussion about the work that needs to be done in the coming days, weeks and months. The second and third days of the workshop were more focused.

The participants were divided into thematic groups - workgroups - and began working out and discussing the issues that are specific for the narrower areas of natural environment, mobility and accessibility, business environment etc. The first STATUS workshop in Temerin was concluded with the common conclusion that the participative process is promising, creative, fun and stimulating. The participants agreed that more work needs to be done in preparing the second workshop and that we have to include more stakeholders in the process.

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