The STATUS Mid-term Event

The STATUS Mid-term event took place in Schwechat (Austria) between the 9th and the 11th of December 2013.

Mr. Gabriel Johannes, SEE Programme Manager and Mr. Niko Finka, SEE Financial Manager were present during the first day of the meeting.

9th of December
The day began with the welcome speech of the Mayor of Schwechat Mr Gerhard Frauenberger and of the representatives of the hosting institute CEIT Alanova Mr. Manfred Schrenk and Mr. Christian Eizinger and the representative of the Lead Partner Mrs Io Chatzivaryti. After that the partners welcomed the new ENPI partner, Balti Municipality which was presented by Mr Serghei Culibaba.
The day continued with the speeches of M.r Johannes Gabriel, SEE Programme Manager and Mr. Niko Finka, SEE Financial Manager, the 3.1, 3.2, 3.4, 3.5 activities presentations and the WP4 presentation.
During the second part of the day the outcomes from the 1st round of Workshops were presented by all partners.
The day ended with a round table discussion on outcomes of Territorial Partner Workshops.

10th of December
The second day of the meeting was dedicated to the experts’ presentations. The experts focused on topics such as the stakeholders’ involvement in the planning process, preparation for the solutions workshop, strategic planning issues and Geodata and land use planning.
The day ended with informal discussions between the Project Management Team and the Territorial Partners.

11th of December
The day started with the presentation of the financial progress of the project. Later on, the Steering Committee Meeting took place, when decisions on content and financial issues were taken.
The meeting ended with a discussion on the steps the Territorial Partners have to follow, the functionality of the platform in the upcoming workshops and the conclusions of the meeting of Schwechat.

2nd STATUS Workshop in Alba Iulia



The second workshop of partner Alba Iulia Intercommunity Association has been organized between 05 – 06 December 2013. The AIDA team has been joined by local and external experts, this time adding international presence under the form of TASCA Studio architects Cristina Tartari and Federico Scagliarini.

The findings of the working groups and plenary discussions lead to the idea that the identified problems should be tackled twofold, within a systemic approach to an integrated urban system but also by designing punctual foci of interest on each sub-system, focused on the area proximal to the citadel.

1st STATUS Workshop in Baia Mare

Between 25th - 27th November, the Metropolitan Area of Baia Mare (ZMBM) hosted the 1st workshop on the STATUS Project in Baia Mare, Romania, with the participation of Urbasofia, Eurodite and a number of experts on behalf of whom we mention Dr. Pietro Elisei (Content Manager for STATUS project, town and regional planner), Arh. Simona Monica Pascariu (workshop facilitator and moderator, urban planner) and Paul Pece (delegate administrator for ZMBM).

Plenary discussions rounded up on the actual status of the STATUS project and the dysfunctionalities met by the ZMBM municipalities (day 1), together with the local stakeholders represented by Public Institutions / Public Utility Services (day 2) and Business Sector / SMEs (day 3), in coming up with coherent practical strategies and solutions for a metropolitan strategic agenda. Start-up of the local working groups proved in efficient / effective communication and active willingness for which we could proudly report on.

Reference in the local press can be found under and

The complete report of the event is available here.

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